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As kids, my Dad would tell my brothers and me, “Figure out what you enjoy doing so much you would do it for free and make that your career.” It was sage advice for sure and something that has stuck with me for many years.


Fortunately, I knew at a very young age exactly what that career would be. As the daughter of Jeff Ruby, a prolific fine dining restaurateur, there was no question in my mind that I wanted to follow in his larger-than-life footsteps. I was driven from the start by twin passions for food and loving on people with heartfelt hospitality – you could definitely say I was born to do what I do.


Growing up I held nearly every position in our restaurants. Back of the house, front of the house, you name it and I’ve been there. All told, I spent 20 years in operations while earning degrees in Religious Studies from the University of Cincinnati and then attending the Midwest Culinary Institute, (where I am now a proud board member of the Cincinnati State Foundation). I am also currently finishing up my MBA from Xavier University. These experiences forged a solid foundation as well as strengthened my resolve to have a bigger impact on our company. In 2015 I joined our Corporate office to focus on building next level processes, leading our team and driving expansion.


Today, we’re extremely fortunate to have a strong business and I’m very proud of our team and our accomplishments so far. As CEO of Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment, I have the privilege to lead 600 employees, with love, grace and humility. I am only as good as the amazing team behind me. I’m thankful for our culture of caring, Transformational Leadership training program, and overall incredible business success.


But, just as it is in show business, a performance is usually only as good as the next act. It is the most important part of the show. While we’re blessed beyond measure with the success of our company, I believe in doing more. Perhaps the greatest blessing and that which is closest to my heart is the platform my career has given me to also focus on doing more – the next act – and what is truly important: faith, family, and helping others.


This website will help me accomplish that goal. I’ve been mentored and trained and inspired by so many remarkable people over the years. Each of those relationships have proven to me the value and importance of doing the very same for others. This site is intended to be a place for people to find inspiration, testimonies and even great recipes. We will blog about things that are so important to all of us like faith, leadership, family, wellness, business, marriage, and more.


Mostly, this website is meant to be a place where we can connect and help each other become better versions of ourselves. I’m thankful for my Dad’s early advice as it paved the way for my career and the opportunities it has provided; none are more important, though, than the chance to focus on that which is most important.


Last, I’d be remiss if I didn’t introduce you to my own most important. My amazing husband of 15 years, Caleb and our 4 children Caden, Gracie, Hannah, and Asher not only make everything worthwhile, they make it possible.


Thank you for stopping by!

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