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~Introduction Blog~

Welcome!! Thanks for stopping by! My hope in creating this site is for everyone who arrives to feel encouraged and motivated—and maybe even discover some delicious recipes along the way! I want this to be a place where we can connect and help each other grow. I am thrilled to finally have a place to share my stories and confess that life isn’t always pretty, but I have found you can make the most of things in ANY situation. You can subscribe to the email list at the bottom of the page to receive notifications for any exciting news and updates! My blogs will include impactful and personal stories on faith, family, leadership, wellness, and more.

A little about me - I am the CEO of Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment (JRCE), headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, which manages a portfolio of high-end steakhouses. We have been blessed to have received national accolades that list us among the top Steakhouses in America. I have the privilege to lead our company's seven steakhouses in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee and a team of 600 employees. I am the proud graduate of the University of Cincinnati (Go Cats!) and attended the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State where I am now a proud board member. Additionally, not long ago I realized I am a life-long learner, I decided to challenge myself and am now pursuing an MBA from Xavier University.

I have been married to my husband Caleb for 14 years, and have been blessed with 4 wonderful children. Caden (15), Gracie (10), Hannah (8), and Asher (4). I am continually striving to balance family life and work demands—which leads me to the purpose of this website! We are all busy in our daily lives, and I know first-hand how hard that can be for anyone, especially a working mom! I have learned the hard way how important it is to balance everything life hands us. After countless hours of therapy, counseling and nearly 20 years of being heavily involved in my church and ministry I have learned this critical truth…work will always bounce back one way or another. But what you can’t gamble with is your family, friends, health and faith. Each of these are at risk of getting nicked, scuffed, or completely shattered. I am committed to putting my family first and always engaging in a faithful fight to attain the 5-star life God intended for us all. We are created to live life to the fullest and abundantly!

What exactly do I mean by “five-star life” you may ask? My new book coming out in September will thoroughly answer that question! Growing up in fine dining, I was taught that 5-stars is the best of the best and what we strive for daily in our restaurants. What I didn’t realize until later in my life is that five-star excellence doesn’t have to be confined to a restaurant! I have faced extreme challenges to my faith, my family, my marriage, and my business. Each of these challenges alone might have caused me to give up and shut down, closing myself off to all of my hopes and dreams. Instead, I fought back hard, engaging in a faithful fight to attain a 5-star life. I chose to not let the negative life experiences transform me. No matter what obstacles you face you can learn ways to fight back. Everyone deserves a 5-star life!

My ingredients for a 5-star life include:

* Partnering with God to live the life you were meant to live

* Working together for a strong family life

* Cultivating a unified, loving marriage

* Pursuing excellence at your job or business

* Giving back to others in your community and the world

Thank you for being on this journey with me!

xo- Brit

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